How we Invest

Investing for us is simple. We look to:

•Buy shares in good quality companies
•Buy those shares at an opportune time
•If there are no opportunities in the market maintain appropriate levels of cash. Opportunities will come.

There are only two points that matter in investing, the purchase price and the sale price. We undertake extensive due diligence to ascertain the first and continually monitor and update the second.

We are bias towards Small Cap investing.

•The fund has no specific mandate with respect to market cap
•However, the manager believes that the risk/return potential of high quality smaller companies far exceeds that of larger companies

“Size produces visible benefits but also hidden risks; it increases exposure to the probability of large losses. Projects of $100 million seem rational, but they tend to have much higher percentage overruns than projects of, say, $10 million. Great size in itself, when it exceeds a certain threshold, produces fragility and can eradicate all the gains from economies of scale.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb